Can I Sell My Home Without a Realtor in 2022?

There is a growing trend of entrepreneurs doing everything they can to avoid using a real estate agent as part of the selling process for their homes. This is because there are many websites out there that offer homeowners the ability to sell their homes on an easy-to-use interface without the need for a massive commission structure. 

The website Zillow displays statistics that show an increasing rate in the number of people who prefer not to use realtors, however when all is said and done only 8% (when using this particular service) choose not to hire one.

Can I Sell My Home Without a Realtor?

The short answer to this question is yes. You can sell a house without a realtor, but this process does have some factors that you will need to take into consideration to complete the home sale in an efficient manner.

If you are selling a home without the help of a realtor, it’s critical to keep in mind all of the things that your agent would normally do for you. Because selling a home is an emotionally and mentally draining process, here are some activities that typically take place during and after the contract period:

  1. Help you determine a realistic price based on current market trends.
  2. Help you prepare the home for sale
  3. Provide advice for repairs, upgrades, and home staging for the house
  4. List the house for sale
  5. Market the house
  6. Schedule and organize showings
  7. Facilitate negotiations
  8. Finalize the paperwork

How to Sell Your House Without a Realtor

Selling real estate without a realtor is conceivable provided you have the correct amount of experience under your belt. Here’s a closer look at what it will take for you to make it happen:

The Prep Work

When people are selling their house, they feel like they need to leave something behind in every room. In order to make sure you keep your home moving, all around it is important to start getting rid of things that you won’t want to be taken with you to your next home — which is why the first thing we talk about here is cleaning up the many rooms of your home. 

An open and organized space makes the overall vision of what the buyer will get out of this purchase more immediately clear. Taking time before putting a “for sale” sign into the front yard helps make people trust you a lot more (or at least as much as can be expected from someone shopping for real estate).

A cheaper option for selling your home may available. Only invest in repairs that will help your home sell faster or for a better price.

While the Home Is On The Market

Once the home is listed, start inviting interested buyers in for showings. Be cautious to protect yourself and verify potential buyers by asking for driver’s license numbers. Put the second key in a lockbox outside of your property so that potential customers can enter with the help of their real estate agent or broker (if they happen to be represented). Consider hosting an open house where you can meet people who happen to be interested in viewing your property as well as may also want to put in an offer for it should they like what they see during the showing.

Taking Offers

When someone comes about to buy a home, take the first offer that you think is fair. You could counteroffer, but it is not necessary. Also, be ready to negotiate. Make sure not to agree to an offer that seems too low or unfair and keep holding yourself accountable in the search for your ideal home!

The Legal Side

Once you have agreed to sell your house, sign all the appropriate legal documents and take care of making sure it’s in compliance with Federal laws regarding home sales. You must be certain not to discriminate if a buyer is looking for a specific kind of property like the color or age of residence. In some cases depending on other circumstances, the closing costs will fall under your responsibility but you can set this up explicitly in your purchase agreement.

“Can I Sell My Home Without a Realtor?” May Not Be the Right Question

Selling FSBO (For Sale By Owner) will save you thousands of dollars, but this may not be the right approach for all homeowners.. Do you want to save money and keep your sanity? Perhaps it’s time to let go of the DIY attitude and team up with someone like Mike buys any house and can take care of everything from brokering the sale to smooth sailing through closing day.

How much Money will i Make Selling my House?

Hey there everyone! This is Mike from Mike Buys Any House, and I’m going to be writing a quick blog post today on the costs associated with selling your property. Traditional selling methods require one to work with realtors so that the sale will go seamlessly, but you’re probably asking yourself: just how much money will I make by doing this? There are a lot of factors involved when it comes down to pricing your home for traditional buyers and we’d like to go over them here.


Cost to Sell Home

The first thing to do is check out the fees, meaning you want to see just how much transactions cost when using a realtor. Well, it’s typical for one to pay anywhere from 4% to 6% of their home’s total value in order for realtors to help facilitate a quick and seamless property sale.

Selling your property can be a tiresome and time-consuming process. There are many things you need to consider before entering into such an agreement with a buyer, not least of all dealing with properties that may not be so ideal for sale and keeping tabs on how much you’re willing to negotiate with them to finally reach a price which is good enough to agree upon – because it isn’t always cheap, especially if you want to make a profit in the end.

So, think of it like this: in the event that you plan on putting up your house for $100,000, you should expect to invest at least $4000 – $6000 into promoting it. Think of either cash or equity that you’re going to need to bring to the table.



First and foremost, you’re going to want to take a hard look at all the repairs that your property needs. When it comes time to sell your property, sellers are generally required to pass local government certifications of occupancy in order to receive financing. Depending on the laws regarding this process in your area, you may be tasked with getting things fixed up just right as well. If you do choose to sell your home traditionally and use your own financing, it will also prove vital that you meet these requirements in order for you not to have problems when it comes time for the sale.

Selling a property can be hard work, especially with all of the things that go into making this kind of transaction happen. Here are some things that you should know before putting your home on the market:

If your house seems to have too much curb appeal, then it might seem a bit overbearing and so the market will not be attracted to it. So you will want to consider other costs like landscaping and repairs. These can be quite expensive, but it’s better than having a house that’s falling apart because who wouldn’t love that?


Closing Costs

The third thing that we are going to talk about is the closing costs and all of the fees associated with selling your property using a traditional method. The closing costs can be very significant, so this will impact your thinking when you are considering the amount of cash you will make from selling your house. You paid two fees already, a realtor’s fee and staging, landscaping, or repairs to get your property ready for sale – $500-$7,500 depending on what repairs were needed at the property in order to pass inspection.

In general, a breakdown of costs mostly involves the fact that you have to cover your loan and settlement fees which will be different depending on the type of loan or financing that is chosen. Other costs related to this process include taxes, title insurance, and settlement charges among others 


Total Cost to Sell Your House

Finally, when considering all that goes into it — from the time it takes and the costs involved, on average you can expect to pay about 9% or so depending on the property’s condition. Let’s say your starting point is a home in the not-so-great condition that requires repairs or renovations. In this case, you could easily pay more than what we’re talking about here — potentially double, even triple this amount. So getting a ballpark figure is helpful, but it can also be misleading because there will likely be other factors at play.

We know it can be intimidating if you don’t have much equity in your home and you may even have to pay for a few extra fees besides the costs that happen when you move. We can see why this would make homeowners feel lost, so we always refer them to our post about closing costs, which has several helpful tips such as offering owners an opportunity to review their quote before paying anything.

I will absorb all that, and you will sell your property quickly and easily so you can reach out and give me a call at  866-420-3298 

We look forward to helping you mi selling my house.


Selling a house that needs repairs is hard. It’s like having to ask your friend if you can borrow their car, but every time you try to “temporarily borrow” their car, it just ends up with more dents and scratches! It’s not easy to make a decision between having to sell the house as is or deciding to bring in some extra help (like a realtor) so that they can fix the problems. We suggest that you consider hiring someone who can guide you through this whole process by putting your needs and priorities first. For example, if there are problems with places that need fixing, it might be easier on your part if someone takes care of them or helps fix them on their own.

Here are three options to consider when selling a house that needs repairs

Option No. 1: Sell the House “As Is”

The real estate market in the U.S. is an interesting one and there are various opportunities available to homeowners wishing to sell their homes or buy new ones. One such opportunity is that of selling or buying a certain property “as is,” which means that you would have to make no upgrades before you complete the purchase of the property and move in (if it’s for sale by the owner for example).

There tends to be more room for negotiation when negotiating on the purchase price with a seller who makes no claims about the state of repair of their property because they have not made any upgrades themselves since moving into it, although as with all negotiations, we advise you to remain firm in your asking price for the sake of getting something out of your homeownership experience rather than having to sell at a loss.

Option No. 2: Complete Major Repairs and Upgrades

If you’re selling a home you should tidy up before putting it on the market. This could mean doing minor repairs such as fixing loose tiles on the roof, repainting floorboards or window frames and changing door handles to make them more attractive. For larger projects that may be too much for a DIY-er, try to find plumbers or electricians who can do this work at a reasonable price because sometimes they are hard to book in advance (especially if it’s your first time hiring someone). If funds run out before the painting is finished, you can use crowd-funding sites with an appeal for investors and donors.

Property upgrades can also help make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. Before making any major updates, compare the cost of these possible renovations with how much you might recoup in the property sale to determine the ROI. “Home renovation ROI: What does a kitchen reno really pay?” reports (source)2 that for example, a kitchen remodel could cost up to $18,246 and see an average increase in property value of $8,959 – or 47% in returns!

Option No. 3: Sell Your Property to a Homebuying Company for Cash

Sometimes it can be difficult to sell a house that needs work. Luckily, there are a few ways in which you can go about getting your property to market and get the price that your property is truly worth. Consider selling your house to Mike Buys Any House. As a home purchasing company, our goal is to offer you cash for your property in as little time. In fact, we pay zero commissions and no costs of any kind! We want to streamline the sale process so you can get faster real estate results without all the hassle – so let us do all the legwork!

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